beagle puppies

9 Interesting Beagle Puppies Facts You Should Know Of

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Beagle puppies are among the most popular dog breeds in North America. They have a strong sense of smell and an excellent stamina.

This breed dates back to the 1300s when they were used to trail rabbits in England. They have also served as hunting companions since ancient times.

They are playful, little dogs with a spirit of adventure. However, some may find these dogs stubborn with the need to be patient and persistent to handle them.

Beagle Traits You Should Know Of

  1. Their Ears Help Their Nose

Beagles have ears that can be easily pulled up to reach the end of their nose. These long ears help Beagles sense and catch scent particles and keep them close to the nose. This, in turn, helps them grasp as much information as possible from their surroundings.

Beagles have about 220 million scent receptors, unlike humans who have five-million receptors. They are also referred to as “nose with feet.” A Beagle’s nose is sensitive to differentiate between fragrances. They have the ability to recognize as many as 50 different smells. Due to this, Beagles are used in security and law enforcement for tracking illegal materials, drugs or explosives.

  1. Beagles Are Vocal Dogs

Though all dogs make different sounds, Beagles are known as the most vocal dog breeds. They also respond spontaneously. In fact, ‘Beagle’ is a French term that means wide throat or loudmouth.

Telltale baying is the trademark Beagle sound. They make this sound either during a chase or when they get on a scent trail. Furthermore, these dogs also bark, yap, and howl. Beagles also whine and whimper to attract attention or communicate effectively. These dogs tend to let out different sounds based on the various scents they recognize.

  1. Beagles Have a White-Tipped Tail

Beagle puppies are small dogs and look smaller than Foxhounds but larger than the Coonhound. They have a furry coat with black, brown, or white patches.

Beagles have a unique special trait: they have a white-tipped tail. They have at least a few white hairs at the tip. This white tip is more than just physical appearance quality. It helps their owners track them through woods and tall weeds.

  1. Beagles Like to Live in Groups

Beagles are social dogs and hunt or track together to obtain a common goal. This attitude means your Beagle will get along well with other dogs in the locality. Also, your pet Beagle may not like to be left alone for a long time and might become anxious when alone. They may end up harming your furniture and breaking your windows in an effort to get out of the house.

  1. Beagles Are Curious Dogs

They may be dangerous if they wander into areas of your home you don’t want them to go to. You may try boundary training to set limits. Beagles are smell-driven and may venture into forbidden areas of the house.

Try pet-proofing your home in the following ways:

  • Lock the rooms (like kids’ rooms with small toys) that are off-limits for dogs. Small toys can be dangerous for dogs, if swallowed as they may cause choking and intestinal blockage. You may also use a baby gate to avoid your pet from climbing staircases.
  • It is best to keep food away from Beagles. They like food and choose to remain closer to food that smells and tastes good. Store eatables safely in kitchen cabinets so that they cannot reach them.
  • Limit access to leftovers. Feeding on garbage can be dangerous. It is recommended to keep garbage outside the house or in an area where they cannot reach it to maintain the good health of pets.
  • It is important to hide all electrical wires as Beagles tend to chew on them, especially when they are young. This may lead to serious injuries.
  1. Beagles Are Playful

Beagles are energetic and they enjoy playing. They are best for families with children. You may need to keep your pet engaged by taking her for a walk at least once a day or allocate time to play with her.

Beagles are included in the hound group by the American Kennel Club. These dogs require constant engagement to make use of their specific capabilities.

Since your beagle is extremely active, he needs some large and high-quality dog pee pads to release his urine comfortably. In order to keep your house clean and tidy, a pad with secure stitches and a strong binding is essential; also, the water absorption performance and the anti-tracking should be well designed.

You should note that without enough exercise and play, Beagles get bored easily and tend to develop bad habits like chewing, biting, and jumping. They may also fall prey to obesity or other serious conditions like:

  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Immune disorders
  • Torn ligaments
  1. Purchase of Beagles Demand Great Care

Beagles like to be independent and are stubborn. They are prone to several genetic health problems. It is, therefore, important to choose a reputable breeder when buying your puppy. Make sure to evaluate the authenticity of breeders in your locality. Ask friends and check for reviews before you finalize and bring your pet Beagle home.

  1. Beagles Need Your Constant Attention

Beagles are attracted to fragrances and get distracted by any interesting scent when outdoors. Your Beagle may try escaping to reach it. You will need tall and closed enclosures as these dogs are good at climbing and digging.

Because Beagles are friendly, they mingle with strangers easily. If you are thinking to leave them free in an unfenced area, rethink this as they may get stolen.

Another reason to keep your Beagle on the leash is that they get engrossed in hunting and may not respond to your call. Obedience training may help your pet get over this habit. However, Beagles’ instincts are stronger than what they learn. They may prefer to follow their characteristic trait rather than your command.

  1. Beagles Are Light Shedders

It is a normal process for dogs to shed hair follicles after they grow to a certain length. These follicles are then replaced by newly grown hair.

Though Beagle puppies are light shedders, there may be times when they shed heavier. This primarily depends on the temperature of the region the dog lives in.

It is also important to note that female beagles blow their coat after a heat cycle due to hormonal changes and after giving birth.

Wrap Up

Beagle puppies do well with people of different age groups. Though active, they may seem noisy at times. Dedicating a little of your time every day will help them remain happy and healthy.