arrange a kids room

How To Arrange A Kid’s Room?

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A kid’s room is the only room in the house that has so many functions! It is obviously a bedroom, also a home office, a playground, and sometimes even a kitchen! On the one hand, it may not always be good, but on the other – that’s what it’s all about! So that the child feels good in his room and wants to spend as much time in it as possible. How to arrange a child’s room to be his or her first, favorite place on earth?

Kids bedroom furniture

A bed, a desk (or a table for younger children), and a wardrobe are the essentials that must be found in a child’s room. A chest of drawers on which the changing table will rest may also be useful for an infant.

However, when it comes to older children, they need a lot more space to store toys. What works best? It is definitely worth putting a bookcase in the children’s room – you can put books and puzzles on it, as well as decorative boxes with small toys. Baskets in which you can store blocks are also perfect.

It is worth arranging as many walls as possible in the kid’s room. It should be borne in mind that among the toys there will be various types of dollhouses or complex LEGO sets that the child will not want to disassemble for some time.

Unfortunately, such toys take up the most space, and sometimes they also just disturb, and worst of all – small elements like to get lost. Therefore, it is worth thinking about making simple shelves on which the child will be able to organize an exhibition. Tip – the more storage space, the better!

Kids’ room décor – wall murals for children

Of course, a child’s room should not only be practical, but also nice! It is a pity to waste space on standing, typically decorative gadgets that the child will not play with anyway. It is much better to focus on the walls and decorate them in a unique way.

Kids wall murals are a perfect solution – colorful, joyful, with favorite motifs. You can stick them on any wall, even when there are shelves on it. Thanks to children’s wallpaper, you can also separate individual spaces, e.g. for sleeping – if the decoration hangs on the wall by the bed.

Kids wall murals can be used both as decors for single, narrow walls, and as decorations for larger surfaces. They are perfect in attics and sloping walls – it is an original decoration that adds coziness to the room. A huge selection and variety make it possible to choose both wall murals for toddlers and teenagers, tailored to the age and interests of the child.