architecture of the new internet

The Architecture of the New Internet

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Dive into web 3

The philosophy of any development is based on the change of cycles, periods, eras. And the development of the Internet is no exception to this rule. Now it is difficult to find a person who would not have heard that the era of web 3 is coming, which means that the World Wide Web is going through a so-called transition period today.

What potential web 3 will have, no one will tell us now. But there is the already obvious fact that we are talking about an increasingly decentralized Internet with intelligent hosts and an emphasis on block chain technology.

One of the guarantee of the efficient operation of the next generation Internet architecture is web 3 infrastructure projects – block chain infrastructure with the possibility of their successful maintenance.

Network Infrastructure Capabilities

So, the main actors in the new generation web space will be users, and its basis will be block chain technology. Currently, Internet technologies use the existing infrastructure, while the new necessary infrastructure is being actively developed.

First of all, innovations imply such interaction within the network, in which there is no single point of control, which means that it will become impossible to restrict access to the Internet. In essence, the infrastructure of the next generation of the Internet should provide security, transparency, trust and speed.

To date, there are already a sufficient number of market offerings for decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized organizations (DAOs). There are also services that make it possible to both process all kinds of data and store them without being tied to centralized servers. Increasingly popular are companies that can offer various solutions within web 3, while ensuring security, high speed, transparency, and scalability. At the same time such an important aspect of services as a targeted reduction in user costs obtains a great value.

One of the many IT tasks

Let`s confirm how in demand the services of an IT company for the development of software products and block chain applications and maintenance of server architectures, etc. As an example we propose you to imagine that a certain conditional client expressed a desire to serve a certain commercial platform of a certain crypto currency exchange. Accordingly to this situation, the client needed block chain infrastructure development services, since the existing architecture generated quite tangible problems.

We must point the fact that the monthly costs of managing and maintaining the existing architecture amounted to several hundred thousand dollars. But endpoint downtime occurred with regular consistency, delays for users of this commercial platform spanned significant periods of time, and all kinds of errors of shared endpoints had a significant impact on transactions.

Therefore, the client needed the services of such an IT company, which, first of all, has established itself in the market as a company with a long experience in developing block chain applications. Moreover, this company had to be able to provide services with the regulations and the appropriate quality level established in the SLA agreements.

Equally important was the ability of an IT company to use remote procedure call (RPC) technology, which means to use endpoints with a wide geographical spread. At the same time, the use of RPS Fast could provide guarantee of security and minimal response time. The ability to perform proactive scaling with PredictKube also turned out to be attractive. Well, in the end, a significant reduction in delay time should certainly lead to a significant decrease in the cost of the requests themselves.

Optimistic result

So, our conditional client, having visited the site, made his choice and as a result of this:

– received an automatically scalable infrastructure, in which the monthly number of requests is calculated at more than one and a half hundred billion;

– achieved almost one hundred percent uptime;

– reduced the delay time by a factor;

– achieved the maximum reduction in peak response time;

– more than one and a half times reduced the cost of infrastructure.

As you can see, the IT development team did an excellent job of solving the problems of our conditional client, by using an individual and effective approach from the entire arsenal of their services for this, and by implementing many features of the infrastructure of the new Internet – speed, security, transparency, trust.