applying strategy in online casinos

Applying Strategy In Online Casinos

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Many online casino games are merely based on chance, while others require skill and strategy. The chance games offer the appeal of simplicity as all you do is click a few buttons and hope you are lucky enough to win. 

Some of the most popular examples are slots and roulette. Players who opt for these games are often intimidated by their more strategic counterparts. If you have been hesitant to play the more skillful casino games, we are here to tell you that a little strategy could be worth your while.

Common Strategy Games

There are quite a few online games. So why would you want to pick up a more difficult game when you can easily play something simple? There are mainly two reasons. First, strategy games tend to be more intriguing because they offer more challenges. 

Secondly, and perhaps the most important reason is that these games have considerably higher payout percentages than many chance games. If you gamble online to win money, this should give you all the incentive to step your game up.


Blackjack is often considered one of the most complex casino games involving strategy. This is because the player is constantly forced to make decisions and those choices increase in importance with each draw of the cards. 

For example, you have to choose whether to hit or stand and consider more advanced options such as splitting, doubling down, surrendering, and taking up insurance on your bet. This is just the traditional game of Blackjack. There are many game variations, and the strategy varies and can become more complex with each version.

Starting Advice for Online Blackjack Beginners

Unlike many gambling games down to pure chance, Blackjack requires far more strategy than you might imagine. 

For this reason, if you intend to play the game through online casinos, it’s a good idea to first get an overall idea of the game concepts and rules before leaping straight in. 

This is because, unlike in the real world where your losses are a little more obvious, it is very easy to get carried away online and spend a fortune when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Research is Key

While researching and reading about how to play Blackjack may seem a little boring, it’s a fundamental part of becoming a good player if you want to succeed in your gambling career. 

In many games, you can get away with being a little cocky and taking a few risks, but there is a reason why Blackjack is a major revenue winner for casinos—and that is a player error. 

Until you fully know the rules and have developed your player style, take your time and be cautious if you don’t have a great hand.

Finding the Right Game

When you’re first starting, playing at the right gaming tables is important. Most casinos will have a minimum bet to enter, and if this is too large, you can quickly find your gambling fund diminished after only a few games. 

Don’t enter games that cost more than 5% of your total gambling fund, meaning that if a minimum bet is $1, don’t play if you have less than $20 to play with.

Blackjack is a great online casino game that can prove very enjoyable if you’re looking for a bit of skill in your play. And as long as you take the appropriate steps as a beginner, you’ll ensure that mistakes aren’t made and the odds are pulled in your favor.


Most types of poker require strategy as well. This is especially the case with the popular variant known as Pai Gow. In a game of Pai Gow Poker, the player receives seven cards. While many decisions need to be made, the major element of strategy involved in managing two hands: a two-card hand and a five-card hand. 

The conditions that apply to these hands often intensify the importance of a good strategy. A certain skill level is also required in other commonly played variants such as Texas Hold ‘em, Let it Ride, and Red Dog. 

It may not sound very intricate, but players need to know when to adjust their bets, when to call, and when to fold. The good thing is that this skill can be learned by simply playing and understanding how to analyze probable outcomes.

Video Poker: How to Play Jacks or Better

A unique modern gaming version of traditional card poker is Video Poker. Video poker is played using a computer gaming system, similar to the advanced slot machines. In video poker, there is no dealer and no other players, just you playing against the computer. The computer will deal the cards, and you will click your way into the hand.

Video poker has become popular in recent years. You can find video poker machines at most casinos and other gambling establishments.

A Closer Look at Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is a five-card game that follows the traditional poker high hand limits. However, in Jacks or Better, a player must have at least a pair of Jacks to qualify for the hand. Any lesser combination results in a loss for the player.

Playing Jacks or Better Video Poker

In Jacks or Better, the computer, acting as the dealer, will give the player five cards to start the hand. Like traditional poker, the player will decide to raise or fold based on their hand. If the player chooses to raise their Ante bet rather than fold, they can discard up to four cards from their original hand. 

The dealer will then deal the player with the requested amount of new cards. After the second draw, the player will try to make a Jacks or higher hand from the cards they were dealt. If the player has a hand with a pair of Jacks or higher, they are paid out for that hand based on a pay structure determined by the video poker machine.

Betting Options in Jacks or Better Video Poker?

In Jacks or Better video poker, a player must place an Ante bet at the beginning of each round to buy into the hand. The Ante bet often has a minimum amount listed on the video poker machine. After the Ante bet is placed and the cards are dealt, the player will have one chance to raise their Ante bet and move on to the next part of the round.

If the player has placed an Ante bet, they will play through that round of Jacks or Better. If they end up with a hand showing at least a pair of Jacks, the player is paid out based on a pay structure. Pay structures for most video poker games are listed on the poker machine itself, and the payouts may be quite lucrative.


Some online casinos offer features that make it easier for players to apply sound strategy in skilled-based games. These features benefit the chance player as they can wager in comfort with the reassurance that they will not blow their bankroll by making a bad decision.