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3 Amazing Lessons Learned From Women In Direct Selling

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“Amazing things happen when women help other women.” -Kasia Gospos

No one has ever found any degree of success without learning hard lessons along the way. And it takes a whole lot of acceptance, reflection, and experimentation to turn those mistakes into lessons.

When it comes to direct selling and entrepreneurship, these lessons are not only vital, but they actually become part of the everyday process. Direct sellers strike out into the world—often alone—and must do the best with what they have. They’re not always born with the courage, leadership, and determination they need; they learn how to find it for themselves.

So it’s no surprise so many of those who’ve found success in direct sales are women. Women are uniquely placed to reach their communities and carve their own path. They often think outside the box and approach business challenges in new and creative ways. By doing so, they not only achieve their own goals, but they also pave the way for others to follow.

These captains of industry have learned and eagerly share their knowledge with the next generation of women business builders.

1. Independence

Direct sales companies like USANA Health Sciences offer women the opportunity to create their own businesses by selling directly to their customers—it’s an excellent opportunity to exercise independence in how they want to work, earn, and develop skills. This level of independence is invaluable for many and acts as the catalyst to learn more in the future. And it’s for this very reason so many women enter the network marketing world. In fact, you could say they’ve been, and currently are, the foundation of the entire industry.

But independence brings responsibility, and these inspiring women must work hard and smart to establish their space in the marketplace. Esther Spina is an entrepreneur who advocates specifically for women in the direct selling industry. After achieving her own success, she now strives to inspire and educate women on how they can achieve independence in the business world.

2. Leadership

Independence is necessary to succeed in direct sales, but it’s still a team effort. And every team needs a leader.

Accomplished women in direct selling have learned to become strong, fair, and inspiring leaders amongst their peers. Companies and teams of direct sellers constantly share and encourage leadership skills to develop the sellers in the field and cultivate their strategies. The industry wants their selling networks to be guided by leaders who strive diligently toward their goals and have what it takes to reach them.

Managing a prosperous business requires effective and caring management. Leaders must inspire their teams and learn from them every day. From candid, compassionate communication to providing sincere mentorship and living a life inclusive of everybody—direct selling is a fantastic setting for women to learn leadership skills from like-minded entrepreneurs.

Lisa Grossman is arguably one of the most recognized leaders in the entire industry. She worked her way up to her position by engaging and cooperating with everyone she encountered. Now, she helps effectively lead and manage an organization of more than 150,000 worldwide.

3. Work-Life Balance

There are many unique roles in today’s business world. More women are leading the charge into new industries and markets. They are entering the workforce with more focus on long-term careers that take them to the top of the corporate ladder. And many have learned to successfully work full time while also raising a family. It’s a challenging path to take, but it is possible.

In many ways, pursuing ambitious careers without sacrificing traditional family life is revolutionizing how everyone approaches work-life balance. And many of these outstanding women can be found in the direct selling industry, either as social sellers or corporate leaders thanks to the flexibilty and independence the industry provides.

Balancing aspiring business goals with social and familial responsibilities requires these industrious women to understand the importance of self-care and positively manage stress. And they’re often encouraged by a crucial network of sellers who support each other, both in business and in life.

Take Amber Voight, for example. She started as a homeless young mom but is now one of the highest earners in the industry. From her home in Minnesota, she leads an international team of 100,000 members spread out over North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

A Business World of Successful Women

This is just the beginning of what we can learn from business-building women. Compassion, determination, creativity, innovation, dealing with rejection and failure, the importance of health and wellness—there are so many lessons that drive these impressive leaders. But the most important lessons are the ones you learn for yourself.

Check out these successful women, entrepreneurs, and leaders to discover their valuable insights.

“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.” -Melinda Gates