advantages of video encoder

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Video Encoder For Streaming? 

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Today, life is lived through the camera. From reality television shows to live streaming on your phone or other devices, everything is filmed. When it comes to filming or the idea of starting to film, there are many questions that come to mind when learning the ins and the outs of live streaming.

Hardware vs. Software

In streaming, there is something known as encoding. Encoding is the process of compressing large video files in order to upload them to the internet easier. Broadcasters or live streamers who use their video cameras in live streaming need either a hardware encoder or a software encoder to upload videos with ease.

There are some differences between a hardware encoder and a software encoder. A hardware encoder takes the feed and the audio that is filmed from your camera and puts it in a physical box. Hardware encoders also connect directly to the internet to send the feed.

The software encoder requires a computer. Video sources send signals to the computer with a camera, and then the software reads the input and streams through the internet connection available.

Why are Hardware Encoders Better?

There are numerous pros to using a hardware encoder. If a person lives streams very frequently, it becomes an inconvenience to add computers to the setup, and that causes problems when attempting to create a quick workflow.

With software encoders, people practically have to start from scratch each time they want to upload a video for their viewers to watch. With hardware encoders, people are able to easily leave their equipment connected, making a lot of the process automated, which saves time.

In addition to simplicity, hardware encoders also provide consistency. Hardware encoders are purely dedicated to one task, which is encoding a video. Hardware encoders come with little to no worry, as the broadcaster does not need to carry around the hassles or computer-related issues such as memory, CPU usage, or security.

High-performance Hardware

When considering using a hardware encoder, users also need to consider what to purchase when thinking of their equipment. Epiphan is a solution that users can stake their reputation on.

Epiphan’s reliable hardware encoders are built for pro AV, which allows broadcasters to capture, stream, and record anything and everything that they want. They are built with outstanding reliability, and centralized configuration and monitoring, which allows live streamers to continue streaming with no hassle.

Epiphan’s products count for a wide range of operations, from live event production all the way to video training. The options are limited. The company is run by many exceptionally knowledgeable individuals who understand exactly what is convenient and what is not when it comes to living streaming for viewers and broadcasters all around the world. When it comes to hardware encoders, there is none like Ephiphan’s.

If a broadcaster’s goal is to simplify their streaming process and eliminate possible risks associated with software encoders, then the hardware encoders are definitely the right way to go.

Hardware encoders have the ability to cut down worry and stress significantly when it comes to the overall process of uploading a perfect video for viewers to enjoy. They provide consistency, simplicity, and security. Visit Epiphan’s website today to learn where and how to purchase hardware encoders to make uploading videos 100 times easier!