advantages of clinical placements

The Advantages Of Clinical Placements

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During your time training for any role within the healthcare system, there will be a tense moment when you take the leap from theory into the practical environment of the industry. Stepping out of the classroom, or your bedroom if you are studying online, can be a daunting prospect but one which will develop your skills and knowledge far beyond that found in textbooks alone.

Clinical placements play an integral role in training in a health care position, giving you the insight and expertise you’ll need to succeed in your chosen career path, plus exposing you to real-life situations that reading and studying can’t prepare you for. This is essential for anyone looking to get into a career in the healthcare industry.

So firstly, what is a clinical placement

A clinical placement is when a student nurse, doctor, or other healthcare trainee puts their academic knowledge into practice in a real-life hospital, clinic, or surgery setting. Students usually rotate around different departments and specialties, which helps them determine their path beyond the placement into a specialty if they desire.

What are the benefits of a clinical placement?

A placement of any duration is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate and develop their skills outside the classroom environment. They will also build on their key skills, such as communication and leadership, while gaining further practice in their clinical skills.

Entering a real-world environment, faced with ill patients and busy doctors and nurses, can be overwhelming at first. Still, as the student gains more knowledge of how things work, they also gain confidence that they can put their theoretical knowledge to good practical use.

Clinical placements are a great opportunity for all students to develop further, but arguably even more so for those studying online as they have not experienced the same group setting as other students have.

During the distance learning qualification offered in the UIndy online ABSN program, Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, clinical placements have a prominent role in helping their students flourish from academia to fully skilled nurses with ample experience in an authentic hospital setting.

But it’s not just the students who benefit from placements. There have been a number of studies into clinical placements, with one study published in 2014 stating that it is not just the student who gains from this either, “students early in their degree could add value to the service by interacting with patients in a number of roles”. The benefits to the hospital or clinic are also numerous by adding diverse opinions, perspectives, and experiences to the clinical environment.

As you can see from the above facts, there are many benefits to completing a clinical placement, and they count towards your final qualification. They are a great determiner of skill, knowledge, and practical ability, which will help you focus your studies further and give to the confidence you need to become a great healthcare provider.