activities to do with kindergarteners

Super Fun Activities To Do With Kindergarteners

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Kindergarten is one of the best periods of a child’s life. They are growing and developing and need constant attention in both homes and schools. Now, how do you keep a kindergartener entertained at home or school? The following fun activities can be done at home or school and will provide hours of entertainment for kindergarteners.

Obstacles Course

You could move some furniture around to practice your child’s large motor skills without risking any valuable items. You can get better at aiming and throwing by tossing a bunch of balled-up socks around with a laundry basket. Wrap some tape with rope or yarn to make a makeshift balance beam.

Treasure Quest

Use patterns, the alphabet, or even just a set of colors to lead your child through the house on a treasure hunt. Use a clipboard and a list to make it seem like everything is official. Then, go around and get as high and low as possible.


This game can be played by anywhere from two to twenty people, and it’s not as hard as it might seem. The others watch how one person dances and copy what they do. Children like to be in charge, and copying is the best way to show respect. So put on some dance music and show us what you can do.


A trampoline is a great pass-time activity for children and adults alike. Just hop on and bounce to your heart’s content. This is a great way of getting your children to engage in physical activities. In addition, you don’t need to go to a store to get one anymore; you can just order a trampoline online.

Build Your Own Story

This is the same idea as the game where you put dances together. Make a story together by having each person add one sentence to the story. Start with a simple premise and a few characters, like “A dog and a cat went to the beach,” and then let the kids take it from there. In this case, the more ridiculous, the better.


If you like yoga, you can be sure that your kids will too. Just remember that kids won’t be able to sit still and breathe. Instead, they may laugh at the animal poses’ names and even make up songs as you go. For more reading practice, make flashcards with the names of the postures and a picture of each one.

Recycled Material Art

Just name some things that can be moved in different ways. Set them up on a tray or placemat to make patterns, designs, and other works of art. Take pictures of anything you make from these recyclables, so you don’t forget how you did it. Sticks, buttons, scraps of fabric, paint samples, extra keys, and other things can be used.


Give the child a mirror and tell him or her to draw a picture of himself or herself. Pay close attention to the details of the face, like the eyebrows and eyelashes. If they are going to draw their whole body, they should also draw their clothes and other accessories.

Making your own plush toys

You only need some markers, construction paper, a stapler, and old newspapers to make a soft stuffed animal. There are a lot of options. Even though it’s simple, the kids can’t get enough of it.

Write Your Own Books

You should make your child write their own books. The only thing kids want is for someone to write down their stories. To make pages, fold a piece of paper half lengthwise and staple it at the fold. Once the story is written, you must go back to the child and read it to them so they can draw each page. This simple activity improves reading skills and boosts confidence and self-esteem simultaneously.


With this fun project, you can reuse old magazines and be creative at the same time. Let kids pick their favorite pictures from magazines and cut them out. After that, they glue the pieces to the paper and draw and color around the centerpiece.

Only scissors and glue are required. Markers, crayons, oil pastels, stickers, and glitter can be used as extra decorations. You should also recycle postcards and gift wraps along with magazines.


As parents, finding a way to keep children entertained while adding some benefits to their life is the best thing we can do. Get kids into reading, creating, exercising, and other fun activities that are not just fun for the whole family but also contribute to their growth and development.