3 popular lawyer specialties

3 Popular Lawyer Specialties

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Law is one of the most interesting industries out there. Every area of the field is unique and exciting. As a lawyer, no two days are the same and no legal case is predictable.

If you decide to pursue law as a career, you have endless options. No matter what area of the law you find the most intriguing, you can specialize in this subject and help to bring justice to the world.

Before you apply for law school, it’s important to do plenty of research so you can find the right area of law for your skills and interests. You will want to find a law specialty that you find intriguing but also suits your skill set and previous experience.

To help you decide which area of the law is the most interesting to you as an aspiring attorney, here are three popular lawyer specialties to consider.

1. Employment Lawyer

Employment lawyers are specialists in workplace laws and legislation. They help employers and employees stay on the right side of the national and local labor laws. They may also work alongside unions to ensure employer and employee rights are upheld at all times in the workplace.

Many employment lawyers choose to focus on just one area of employment law. For example, there are lawyers specializing in unfair dismissal, employment contracts, or wrongful termination.

The main duties of an employment lawyer involve resolving issues around employment contracts, wage disputes, benefits and pensions, working hours, and contract termination. They may represent their clients in court and advise employees on workplace policies.

2. Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer helps their clients to file claims against one or more individuals after receiving an injury. They represent their clients in court to help them gain compensation for the physical or psychological harm that they have sustained.

A personal injury lawyer works very closely with their clients. Their role involves collecting evidence from witnesses and speaking to clients to create a strong case and win in court. They may need to liaise with employers and insurance companies to arrange a compensation agreement for their clients.

3. Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense lawyers cover cases involving accused criminals. This type of lawyer represents individuals who have been accused of violating the law.

They create a strong case by collecting as much evidence as possible to prove their clients’ innocence. If their client is charged with committing a crime, the lawyer can work to reduce their sentence and ensure their human rights are not violated.

Criminal defense attorneys can specialize in a specific area of criminal law. For example, they may wish to become a specialist aggravated assault lawyer.

Regardless of the area of criminal law that the attorney chooses to specialize in, their role involves collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses or victims and communicating with law enforcement.