Intro To 3D Programming

  • What Is The Metaverse?
    Neil Stephenson first described the metaverse in his novel, Snow Crash, in 1992. In 1993, Mosaic, the first web browser was launched. This window into the web brought the metaverse to life through the virtual worlds of Runescape in 2001, SecondLife in 2003 and World of Warcraft in 2004. What can we expect in the virtual worlds of the future?
    What Is The Metaverse?
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  • What Is An Avatar?
    An avatar is a virtual representation of you. Avatars come in all shapes and sizes. The making of Avatar, the movie, also gives some clues as to the processing and programming power required to bring an avatar to life through animation.
    What Is An Avatar?
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  • What Is Alice?
    Alice is a 3D programming environment created by Carnegie Mellon University as a teaching tool for introducing people to programming. Alice comes loaded with 3D objects including people, animals and vehicles that you program to move and interact in your very own virtual world.
    What Is Alice?
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  • Get Alice
    Alice is a available for the Mac & PC platform. Alice 2.2 is the latest stable release. Alice 3.0 is currently in beta, only for the Mac platform. Storytelling Alice is geared toward middle school students, but is not well supported. Using Alice 2.2 is probably the best bet, if you are just starting out. The built-in tutorials with Alice are a great place to start.
    Get Alice
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  • Alice Programming Virtual Course
    Computer Science Student Network offers a virtual course in setting up Alice and creating your first game.
    Alice Programming Virtual Course
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