Intro To Computer Science

  • What Is Computer Science?
    David Evans, professor of Computer Science at the University of Virginia, says there are actually lots of opinions among computer scientists about what computer science is. In this video, he describes how CS encompasses engineering, science and liberal arts.
    What Is Computer Science?
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  • Computer Science Changes The World
    Dot Divas want to change the world. They see computer science as a way to follow their passion, be creative, connect with people while they make a difference in the world.
    Computer Science Changes The World
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  • Why Computer Science?
    Professor Mark Guzdial from Georgia Institute of Technology sums it up well in his TEDxTalk 21st Century Literacy includes Computing for Everyone. "Computers are the way we understand our world…. We should teach everybody computer science and how to program because all of us live in a world where computing is ubiquitous."
    Why Computer Science?
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  • First Computer Scientist
    Augusta Ada King (Countess of Lovelace) started thinking and writing about programming mechanical computers in 1840s.
    First Computer Scientist
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  • CS Unplugged!
    You don't need a computer to learn about computer science. Lots of fun group activities with video tutorials to get you started.
    CS Unplugged!
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  • First Programmer
    Grace Hopper was one of the first people to think of writing a compiler to render a high-level language-based program into low-level machine code. She was the driving force behind COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language).
    First Programmer
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  • CS Is Fun!
    Discover your inner computer scientist by playing these games.
    CS Is Fun!
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  • CS In Middle School
    Unfortunately, it is pretty rare to see a middle school curriculum incorporate computer science, but there are some forward thinkers out there like The Girls Middle School.
    CS In Middle School
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  • CS In High School
    This is the HS Computer Science teacher I think we would all love to have. He demonstrates how programming can be used with every subject.
    CS In High School
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  • CS Curriculum
    The Exploring Computer Science curriculum resource for HS teachers provides relevant and meaningful CS concepts to students. It is especially designed to capture the imagination of those students who are underrepresented in the field.
    CS Curriculum
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  • CS In College
    Computer science majors share how they got interested in CS, why they are passionate about it and how it is such a sought after degree by companies.
    CS In College
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  • Intro To CS From Khan Academy
    Khan Academy provides a powerful, intuitive coding tool for learning to program in javascript while being introduced to CS concepts.
    Intro To CS From Khan Academy
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  • Computer Science Student Network
    Join the network and learn how to program robots, animations, and games, developing skill sets that lead toward industry recognized certifications.
    Computer Science Student Network
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