Intro To Robotics

  • Living With Robots
    Check out the evolution of robots in culture and in reality.
    Living With Robots
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  • How To Train Your Robot
    Great activity to get kids thinking like robotic programmers. All you need is the robot language dictionary and a parental, teacher or friend bot.
    How To Train Your Robot
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  • Indoor Flying Robots
    An MIT student explains how programming a robot causes it to have much faster response time than a human using remote control.
    Indoor Flying Robots
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  • Robo Rally Demo
    Check out this online demo of a great board game that will get you thinking like a robotics programmer. Select Click to Open -> Examples of Play -> Mini Rally Training Ground.
    Robo Rally Demo
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  • Tech Museum Robotics
    Take a virtual tour of the robots at the Tech Museum.
    Tech Museum Robotics
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  • Build Your Own Robot Arm
    Using this activity from TryEngineering, you can develop a robot arm using common materials.
    Build Your Own Robot Arm
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  • My Robot Is Better Than Your Robot
    Why is robotics important? and friends break it down. Science rocks!
    My Robot Is Better Than Your Robot
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  • What's An Algorithm?
    Check out this "robotic" activity that will help you understand what an algorithm is and why it is important to robotics.
    What's An Algorithm?
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  • Light-Bot Game
    Here's another online game that will get you thinking like a programmer. Give commands to your robot to light up the factory.
    Light-Bot Game
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  • Programming Molecular Robots
    Nadine Dabby talking molecular robots at TEDxCaltech. Women rock robotics!
    Programming Molecular Robots
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  • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy
    Join the Computer Science Student Network (it's free) and take self-paced Robotic Academy courses (they are free).
    Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy
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  • FIRST Robotics
    Ready to create your own robot or at least watch some robots in action, find a FIRST Robotics program in your area.
    FIRST Robotics
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  • What Do You Know About Robotics?
    Check your robotics knowledge.
    What Do You Know About Robotics?
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