Cool Tools To Curate Content

  • BagTheWeb
    Use the handy bookmarklet to quickly create bags of content-related resources.Create multiple bags to organize professional and personal content. Embed a bag into a webpage, blog or wiki for easy student access. Make a bag private for your own use, or publish and share it with others. .
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  • Pinterest
    Pinterest is an online pinboard. Use the handy bookmarklet to pin interesting images or video to a board related to a theme. Create multiple boards to organize your resources.Add a quick comments to pinned images.Repin images from pinners you follow.
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  • Easily Publish Gorgeous Magazines |
    Easily Publish Gorgeous Magazines. Easily publish gorgeous magazines.Use the handy bookmarklet to collect content and add it to a theme related publication.Follow others with similar interests and easily rescoop their content.
    Easily Publish Gorgeous Magazines |
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  • - Discover Yourself!
    One of the first and most popular social bookmarking sites Redesigned with better organizational tools. Use the handy bookmarklet to quickly collect content and organize it into collaborative stacks.Browse through the many stacks available to find resources. - Discover Yourself!
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  • Diigo - Bookmark, Highlight, Annotate & More
    Use this powerful tool to collect and highlight, then remember. Create bookmarks, highlight text, add sticky notes, share with groups. Install toolbar for full functionality or digolet for quick bookmarking. Education version available for students
    Diigo - Bookmark, Highlight, Annotate & More
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  • MentorMob-Guided Learning
    Organize web content into a playlist Browse, create and contribute to the playlists of others Assemble a playlist of content for guided learning Embed playlists into a blog, wiki or website
    MentorMob-Guided Learning
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  • JOG THE WEB-Guided Learning
    Create an annotated and organized collection of websites to guide viewers through a series of activities.Use the handy extension to quickly add pages to your jog, Only available in FireFox. Supplement your jog with your own pages of content
    JOG THE WEB-Guided Learning
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  • LiveBinders-Guided Learning
    Create a 3-ring binder of web content. Add a Live Binders Shelf to your wiki, blog or website. Create themed binder. Browse and share binders
    LiveBinders-Guided Learning
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  • Curate.Us - Attribution
    Create clips and quotes of webpages with a link back to the site Quote with ease. Embed in blogs, websites and wikis for simple citations. Create a clip without logging in, good for student use
    Curate.Us - Attribution
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  • Kwout - Attribution
    Quote part of a webpage as an image with a link back to the original site. No login required
    Kwout - Attribution
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