Intro To Website Design & Development

  • Web Design Overview
    What is web design?
    Web Design Overview
    STEP : video

  • Website Design Process
    This article focuses on the creative process of designing a website.
    Website Design Process
    STEP : article

  • Website Development Process
    This article outlines the website creation process from analysis/design to prototype, testing and launching.
    Website Development Process
    STEP : article

  • Content Vs. Layout
    This video demonstrates the evolution of web pages from being highly code-driven to being highly data driven.
    Content Vs. Layout
    STEP : video

  • Experience Content & Layout
    Mozilla's Thimble provides many projects and tools for learning about programming content (HTML) & layout (CSS).
    Experience Content & Layout
    STEP : article

  • Website Usability Checklist
    You can help your users find your content by: organizing it well, providing meaningful navigation, and providing consistency throughout site.
    Website Usability Checklist
    STEP : article

  • How Do Users Find Your Website?
    Inside tips from Google on how to increase your website visibility.
    How Do Users Find Your Website?
    STEP : video

  • How Do Search Engines Work?
    Internet search engines do your research for you. Learn how internet search engines like Google work, how internet search engines build an index and what Boolean operators are.
    How Do Search Engines Work?
    STEP : article

  • Learn HTML & CSS
    Code Avengers provides a fun and interactive way to learn the basics of about the building blocks of website development: HTML (hyper-text mark-up language) and CSS (cascading style sheets).
    Learn HTML & CSS
    STEP : article

  • Intro To Weebly
    Video tutorial from TechKim on using to create a website.
    Intro To Weebly
    STEP : video

  • Create A Website
    Now you are ready to create a website. Weebly is a free drag and drop website creator with lots of themes. Don't forget to create a plan that includes: - purpose of website and target audience - date when layout will be complete - date when all content will be complete - date when all content will be incorporated into website layout - schedule & plan for usability testing - schedule & plan for functional testing - try out website on different browsers, operating systems & computer platforms (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari - PC or Mac)
    Create A Website
    STEP : article

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