Create A Video Game With Scratch

  • Get Started With Scratch
    Download Scratch. Try out the Scratch cards to get familiar with what you can do with Scratch. Check out other Scratch programs to see how they work. Download a few and experiment by making your own changes to those programs.
    Get Started With Scratch
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  • Complete Video Game Checklist
    Plan your game using the checklist.
    Complete Video Game Checklist
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  • Create A Storyboard
    Try to lay out at least 3 levels of your game.
    Create A Storyboard
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  • Create A Game With Scratch
    Create a basic game using forever loops and sensing.
    Create A Game With Scratch
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  • Create A Matching Game
    Learn about variables and logic statements.
    Create A Matching Game
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  • Create Game Levels
    Use broadcast to create a multi-level game.
    Create Game Levels
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  • Evaluate Your Game
    Test and evaluate your game, then share it with others.
    Evaluate Your Game
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  • Game Design Rubric
    Attention Teachers: This assessment tool lays out expectations for a video game created with Scratch.
    Game Design Rubric
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  • National STEM Video Game Challenge
    The National STEM Video Game Challenge aims to motivate interest in STEM learning among America’s youth by tapping into students’ natural passions for playing and making video games.
    National STEM Video Game Challenge
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  • More Video Game Resources
    Check out other video games creations and more resources for creating your own.
    More Video Game Resources
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