Using Technology To Maximize Instructional Time

  • Create Screencast Tech Tutorials
    Use screencasts to create tech tips and tutorials to keep the focus of the learning experience on content and avoid being consumed by teaching students how to use the technology.
    Create Screencast Tech Tutorials
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  • Narrate, Publish & Share Projects
    One way to efficiently share presentations is to have students use screencasting tools to record and narrate their presentations, then publish those presentations in one place. A glog was used in this example,for ease of use, but there are many multimedia platforms well-suited for the task.
    Narrate, Publish & Share Projects
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  • Create Electronic Exit Tickets
    Use a GoogleDocs form to create electronic exit tickets to provide students with immediate feedback, gauge student understanding, evaluate the effectiveness of your lesson and give students a voice.
    Create Electronic Exit Tickets
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  • Utilize The 24/7 Classroom
    Extend the learning beyond the walls of the classroom by providing student with collaborative learning experiences. My favorite tool is Wikispaces, but there are plenty of other choices out there.
    Utilize The 24/7 Classroom
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  • Try The Flipped Classroom
    At it's most basic level, The Flipped Classroom approach means front loading the learning and assigning the prep work as homework in order for students to come to class prepared to use it. This means the classroom becomes a place for collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication where the teacher serves as a facilitator who interacts with students, assesses them, and spontaneously pulls together groups for reteaching and challenge
    Try The Flipped Classroom
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