Sophomore Model UN Simulation

  • Press Corps
    What follows is for the press corps
    Press Corps
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  • Press Corps Photographers
    If you wish to share photos of your observations, please follow these instructions
    Press Corps Photographers
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  • Room Assignments
    Check here to find out where to go.
    Room Assignments
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  • Research
    These databases will help you prepare your position papers.
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  • Where To Go
    Your teacher's instructions trump all instructions below.
    Where To Go
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  • What To Say
    Here are some examples of breaking news updates
    What To Say
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  • Exit Survey
    Please complete by 1:25
    Exit Survey
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  • Imperialism Books Might Work!
    They are still on a cart, for the most part.
    Imperialism Books Might Work!
    STEP : article

  • Phase One - Research
    Think about this in very simple terms. There are essentially two phases.
    Phase One - Research
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  • Databases & Websites
    This is fast, so don't waste time. These instructions will get you the information you need quickly and efficiently so you can focus on preparing for the event.
    Databases & Websites
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  • Books And EBooks
    You may not have time, but remember how helpful these have been in the past!
    Books And EBooks
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  • Phase 2
    Now, you need to understand what stance your country will take in its committee on specific issues.
    Phase 2
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  • Press Corps
    These are the instructions that were sent to teachers on Friday 5/15/2015.
    Press Corps
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  • Model UN App
    You are encouraged to use this app
    Model UN App
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  • What This Event Can Look Like
    On May 28, 2009, thanks to the inventiveness and the industrious efforts of social studies teachers Paul Phillips and Bob Stevenson, the class of 2011 partic...
    What This Event Can Look Like
    STEP : video

  • Got Questions?
    Text the library!
    Got Questions?
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