• Imperialism Lesson
    This lesson walks students through New Canaan High School library's research instructions for the 10th grade Imperialism Project.
    Imperialism Lesson
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  • Lesson: Research
    Click on image below to access the slide show.
    Lesson: Research
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  • Your Assignment
    Click on your teacher's name to locate the right version
    Your Assignment
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  • Research Continuum
    This is the NCPS 9-12 research continuum. What do you notice about it?
    Research Continuum
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  • BIG Questions - The Overview
    Click on your teacher's name to locate the right version
    BIG Questions - The Overview
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  • Books & Destiny Quest, The Online Library Catalog
    Books are super helpful for this project. The "Brief History of..." and "The History of..." books are especially helpful because they are organized chronologically and are fairly substantive, se each one has a nice chapter on the colonial period, generally followed by one on independence. We have as many of these in print and eBook format as are available. You will need to use DestinyQuest to locate books. The instructions follow.
    Books & Destiny Quest, The Online Library Catalog
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  • Databases And Websites
    Use this guide to work through your research process
    Databases And Websites
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  • Search Strategies
    There are many ways to say imperialism!
    Search Strategies
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  • Citing Sources
    New instructions!
    Citing Sources
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  • Notetaking
    Use this template to take notes
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  • Market Share
    This is one of the stickier aspects of this project.
    Market Share
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  • Bibliographies
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  • Got Questions?
    Text the library!
    Got Questions?
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