Five Curation Tools To Test Drive

  • Bag The Web
    BagTheWeb is a free web site where users can save, organize and share links to web content easily by using "bags." A bag is a hybrid media container that allows you to organize links, documents, videos and images into a cohesive unit.
    Bag The Web
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  • EduClipper
    EduclEduClipper is a web-based tool that teachers and students can use to collect materials--from digital text, video or other files on their computer, Google Drive, or even embedded code from other presentations or websites--and then share them in collections. Teachers can set up independent "classes" of students, explicitly laying out the ground rules for what students can see and share. EduClipper uses EasyBib to add citations to files with one click. (EdSurge)
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  • LiveBinders
    LiveBinders is your 3-ring binder for the web. Create an online binder for content curation --View links like pages in a book instead of URLs on a page --Combine uploaded PDFs and Word docs with links in one binder --Update information conveniently without having to resend links --Avoid layout issues - all documents are organized by tabs and subtabs
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    Easily curate engaging magazines. allows you to create a web page to share what you find interesting on any topic with the world. A Topic is the page that is generated for you with a permanent URL and title. Each Topic is made up of Scoops, articles that make up the content of your Topic. There are four different ways to create Scoops. --Scoop from suggested content. Based on keywords you enter, will recommend content that you might want to add to your Topic. You can adjust the sources to make sure that it is suggesting the kind of content you would like. --Add a web page with their bookmarklet. If you see a page that you like, you can use the bookmarklet they provide to tag the page and have it added to your Topic. --Rescoop from other topics. When you find material/content that you really like in other Topics, you can add that content to your own Topic by rescoop-ing. ==Create your own Scoops. You can create blog-like entries by entering your own title, image, and text. (EduBlogger)
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  • TES Teach With Blendspace
    Discover digital lessons, presentations, student portfolios, and projects created by educators and students to remix, share, and use in your classroom by browsing these popular lessons and activities. Create your own playlists using the built-in search tool.
    TES Teach With Blendspace
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