Oregon Trail

  • World Book
    Read this article about The Oregon Trail. Be sure to click on the map and check that out too.
    World Book
    STEP : article


  • The Oregon Trail: Independence
    Learn about some of the important landmarks along the trail. Click Next until you get to Oregon City. Read carefully and feel free to take notes. There is a quiz on the next slide.
    The Oregon Trail: Independence
    STEP : article


  • Landmarks Along The Trail
    What do you remember about the landmarks along the trail? Record the score of your quiz in your notebook.
    Landmarks Along The Trail
    STEP : pop quiz

  • Just For Kids - Trail Kids Oregon/Washington BLM
    Read about what life was like for kids on the trail.
    Just For Kids - Trail Kids Oregon/Washington BLM
    STEP : article


  • Kids On The Trail
    Answer these questions in your notebook.
    Kids On The Trail
    STEP : pop quiz

  • Interactive Map: Trails West
    Interact with the map to learn about the Oregon Trail and other trails to the west. Answer the questions in your notebook and then check the answers by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.
    Interactive Map: Trails West
    STEP : article


  • YouTube - Oregon Trail Documentary
    Watch the video and listen to the kids tell about their experiences on the Oregon Trail. We will be writing Oregon Trail diaries so you might get some ideas from this video.
    YouTube - Oregon Trail Documentary
    STEP : video


  • Oregon Or Bust
    Read the article then answer the questions that follow in your notebook. Check your answers at the end and record your score.
    Oregon Or Bust
    STEP : article


  • Trading Station Math
    Solve these math problems and record the answers in your notebook.
    Trading Station Math
    STEP : article


  • Crossword Puzzle
    Give the crossword puzzle a try. If you want to print it out just ask for help.
    Crossword Puzzle
    STEP : article


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