Weight Training

Strength Training For Middle Schoolers
Strength Training

Here are some websites for you to research about working out. Find some activities for you to do and experiment with in class. Remember, only exercise with a spotter or adult supervisor.

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Push–Pull Workout
Weight Training - Push/Pull Split Routines

This playlist is dedicated to covering a few different options for push/pull routines and introducing one of the classic and and original bodybuilding routines.

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What Is The Difference Between Strength Training & Weightlifting?
Weight Training - About Training (Intro)

This playlist will be a starting point for all athletes wanting to get into weight training. We will spend a little time talking about what it takes to get started, what aspects to keep in mind, and how the different typ...

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Greatest Motivating Inspiration Video In The Universe
Weight Training - Bodybuilding Motivation

No matter how dedicated you are to your weightlifting routine, everyone needs a push every once in a while. These are a collection of videos that bodybuilders and weightlifters like to share with each other to help push ...

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Why Runners Should Weight Train
Weight And Strength Training

Even though running is a cardio activity, it is important to strengthen your muscles through weight training. Building overall muscle will increase your running ability and reduce your chance of injury.

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Bent Over Barbell Row Exercise Guide And Video
Weight Training - Bent Over Rows

This playlist will be a collection of articles and videos on how

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Weightlifting Nutrition Guide
Weight Training - Beginner Nutrition

This is a playlist dedicated to introducing athletes to the concepts of nutrition when weight training. Depending on your goals, the nutrition may vary greatly and we'll cover a little of that in this playlist.

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Constructing A Smart Mass-Gaining Diet: Tips & Tricks!
Weight Training - Mass Gain Diets

This playlist is dedicated to nutrition for gaining mass. In every bodybuilder's career, they will have to put on weight and raw muscle mass. This playlist is dedicated to teaching new bodybuilders and hardgainers (aka e...

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Do You Need Less Fat Or Less Calories To Get Cut?
Weight Training - Nutrition For Cutting

You could be built like a brick house, but if you're a male and your body fat is over 20% you won't be able to see any of those muscles! This will be a playlist dedicated to introducing bodybuilders to basic cutting conc...

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Starting Strength: A Review Of Mark Rippetoe's Barbell Bible
Weight Training - Starting Strength For Beginners

This playlist will cover the often cited and popular beginner routine, Starting Strength. This method was develop by Mark Rippetoe and serves as a great starting point for many weight lifters.

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