Part I: Benefits Of Trees - A
Forestry On The Web - Ag 8

Working through the links in this mentormob, you will be able to explore the benefits of forests, why leaves change color and careers in the forestry industry.

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Introduction, Task, And Process Of The Webquest
Desert Animals Webquest

This is a webquest designed for second grade

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Oregon Trail Webquest
Project Scaffolding

Webquests are a great way to scaffold a project because it designates the websites that need to be visited for information. It also is very clear about directions for how to complete the assignment

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Air Mass - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Weather Webquest Links

These are the sites you will use when going through the webquest today. This way, you don't have to type out each individual website on the paper, you can just click through to the next one!

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Jane Austen WebQuest

This WebQuest facilitates learning about the setting and cultural perspectives associated with Jane Austen's novel, "Pride and Prejudice"

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