YouTube - Electricity And Magnetism | Physics Project On Current & Magnetic Field | Education Video

Electricity and Magnetism: Current & Magnetic Field - Intorduction to basics of electricity and laws of magnetism Electric Pote...

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YouTube - Valence Bond Theory - Part 1 | VBT Animation Video | Hybridization Lecture And Hybridization
Chemistry Tutorials For Secondary & Higher Secondary Science

Chemistry Tutorials for Secondary & Higher Secondary Science Hydrocarbons Crystal Field Theory /Crystal Field Splitting Theory Valence Bond Theory Hybridization Lecture

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YouTube - Learn Grade 1 - Maths - Position Words , Ordinal Numbers
Ordinal Numbers

A 90-minute class session playlist for grade I and II students. Includes tutorial videos, games, practice exercises, and a couple of offline/live activities.

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3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tip: Easy Private Online Digital Content Discussions With Tackk
Example LessonPath For 3 Min Tech Tip

This is a brief example of a LessonPath lesson for the 3 Minute Teaching with Tech Tip Video series!

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