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Hardcore Strength Training

No pain, no gain! If you want working out to change your life, you have to commit 110%. Check out this playlist to see if a shortcut-free, results-driven workout and lifestyle choice is right for you.

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Choose A Race Distance.
Training For Your First Triathlon

This playlist will help you get started in training for your first triathlon.

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Tip-Top Branding

This playlist contains materials used to help train new Tip-Top Employees

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Edmodo For Teachers
Edmodo Basics

This playlist is developed to help teachers use Edmodo to facilitate a Professional Learning Group

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Core Strength And Its Importance
Core Training

This playlist will explain what your core is along with why it is important and how to strengthen it.

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10k Training Program

This playlist is dedicated to training for a 10k race. See the best training program and learn some tips for running a 10k

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Basics Of Tempo Running
Tempo Running

Tempo runs are an excellent way for runners to build speed and strength. Tempo runs help you develop your anaerobic or lactate threshold, which is critical for running faster. This playlist will explain what tempo runnin...

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Components And Types Of Interval Training
Interval Training

This playlist is dedicated to the benefits of interval training and why it is important for improving your distance running.

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What Is Hill Training?
Hill Training

Like interval training, hill training can increase strength, speed, and endurance. This playlist will explain hill running and its benefits.

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Presentation Tools & Beyond
Presentation Tools - Gonzaga Faculty Development

This collection will guide you in developing interactive media presentations for face to face and online classes.

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