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Domo Animate - Create Animations

Interactive app to create cartoons with students.

By Jesus Garcia Steps: 1 Views: 24011

Smart Board Lessons, Activities And Games | Gynzy

Interective software to use with IWB

By Jesus Garcia Steps: 2 Views: 831

3 Min. Teaching W/Tech Tip - Assemble Digital Lessons With Ease Using LessonPaths

Tutorial on how to begin using Lesson Paths

By Kelly Troxell Steps: 1 Views: 170

Comfortably 2.0: The
Digital Citizenship Resources

A list of resources which cover issues related to digital citizenship in the classroom.

By Brandon Draheim Steps: 8 Views: 2528

Domo Animate - Create Animations
Goanimate-studio - Copy

Interactive app to create cartoons with students.

By Mauricio Rodriguez Steps: 1 Views: 131

Tagxedo - Word Cloud With Styles
Summarizing And Note Taking

tools for summarizing and note taking

By Annie Clare Steps: 5 Views: 648

Twitter In Plain English
Twitter For Educators - Copy

From basic to advanced, a guide for teachers on Twitter in Education.

By maria roberts Steps: 6 Views: 1247

21st Century Skills
Professional Development Plan

Instructional Technology Specialist presentation

By Orlando Sharpe Steps: 10 Views: 1984

PowToon | Create Animated Videos For Work Or Play
Nonlinguistic Representation

Nonlinguistic representation of learning

By Annie Clare Steps: 6 Views: 750

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