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Diigo - Web Highlighter And Sticky Notes, Online Bookmarking And Annotation, Personal Learning Network.
MSDSC Digital Bookmarking & Content Curation Tools

Great resources for Digital Bookmarking and Curating your Classroom Content, Curriculum, and Supplemental Resources! This is "Where" you deliver information to your students & colleagues!

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The Innovative Educator
Top 10 Technology Blogs For Education - Copy

These top 10 technology blogs address technological developments as these innovations relate to education. Many of the top 10 blogs are maintained by those who specialize in integrating technology with education. Most bl...

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Hack The Web: With The X-Ray Goggles
Diving In

A Diving In activity is one that gives pointed instruction to participants on tools or procedures. An example of a Diving In activity would be allowing the participants to get used to the interface of Thimble or Popcorn ...

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BibMe: Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian - Free
MSDSC Bibliography & Citation Tools

Great Bibliography & Citation Tools for Teachers

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Popcorn Hacktivity Kit
Popcorn Maker Hacktivity Kit

Learn by remixing and sharing web video. Familiarize yourself with the basics of web-based storytelling. Use Popcorn Maker, a remixing tool for web video, for the first time. Make your own web-based movies.

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Free Technology For Teachers: Fair Use, Copyright, And Educational Blogging
MSDSC Copyright & Royalty Free Resources

Learn more about Copyright in the classroom. Please check out some of these links to Royalty Free Resources (Audio, Video...and more) that students can use for projects in your classroom!

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Remix-a-thon: Defend The Open Web
Hands On Hacking: Make Web Projects

A Hands on Hacking activity is a practical activity that allows learners to delve deeper into the essential questions of your session. Go back to thinking of the results: what will your learners MAKE when they are done? ...

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Lesson Plans – Search Education – Google

Check out these Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety links for your classroom!

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Online Storytelling Hacktivity Kit
Online Storytelling Hacktivity Kit

Dive deeper into digital storytelling. Use Popcorn Maker to create compelling multimedia stories on the web.

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Ways Of The Web Hacktivity Kit
Ways Of The Web Teaching Kit

Help people learn the basics of HTML and CSS. Use Thimble to tinker with the web and make new webpages.

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