First Snowboard Lesson
Beginner Snowboarding

Snowboarding basics are in the learning playlist.

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Snowboard Basics Switch Riding
Intro To Basic Freestyle Riding

Basic Snowboarding Tricks - we all wish we could do these!

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How To Snowboard: Step 6 - Starting, Stopping & Getting Up
Basic Turns And Carving

Snowboarding turns can be tricky, but follow this guidance and test it out on the slopes the next time.

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Winter X Games 16 Schedule
ESPN Winter X-Games 2012

This playlist will give you a preview along with some competition analysis of the Winter X-Games 16. The competition this year will be held January 26-29 in Aspen, Colorado.

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Parts Of A Snowboard
Choosing A Board

Test a snowboard out before purchasing, but these are some great tips to choosing one to snowboard with.

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Learn How To Snowboard: Straight Air
Beginner Freestyle Tricks

Intermediate Snowboarding Tricks - after you know the basics you can move on to intermediate.

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The Burton Academy At Northstar Trick Tip: The Handplant
Intermediate Half-Pipe Riding

This playlist will start covering a few intermediate tricks in the half pipe.

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Avalanches, Part 1: The Basics
Avalanche Safety (Avalanche Basics)

This is a playlist dedicated to bring skiiers and snowboarders the basic information they will need to know about avalanches and assessing risk.

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How To: Pole Jam To FS 360 With Marko Grilc
Advanced Jibbing

This playlist will have How To and tutorial videos for advanced jibbing tricks. Most of the tricks here will be similar to the intermediate jibbing tricks, but will involve spinning into and out of tricks as well as much...

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How To Set Up A Snowboard Binding
Setting Up Your Board

This is a playlist dedicated to teaching new riders how to set up their snowboard.

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