Search Tools & Strategies For Kids
Search Tools & Strategies For Kids By Kids All Over The Wrold

A playlist exploring search tools and strategies for K12. Note that many of these tools are directories. Some of Google Custom Searches with SafeSearch enabled.

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How Search Works By Matt Cutts
Google Search Playlist

Videos and articles for better understanding search

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Curation (song Parody)
Curation Playlist

Tools for curating content, instruction, learning tools, more

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What Can We Learn From Hashtags As An Indexing Tool For Scholarly Research? | Education Recoded | Big Think
Social Research

For RU students

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The Cathedral And The Bazaar | Raymond | First Monday
OpenSource/Open Access

Readings and viewings for Rutgers students 530

By Joyce Valenza Steps: 13 Views: 3338

What Is PKM?
Personal Knowledge Management

An introduction to PKM for your RU587 curation project

By Joyce Valenza Steps: 6 Views: 2411

Social Search: Information Seeking Through Social Media
Social Media & Search

Leveraging social media as search For RU 530 Search and the Information Landscape

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A Copyright-Friendly Toolkit
Intellectual Property, Fair Use, Creative Commons

How can we behave ethically in a remix culture

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Gale Google Integration
Databases For K12

Rutgers University

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Chapter6: Controlled Vocabulary
Databases: Controlled Vocabulary & Thesauri

On the varied thesauri--controlled vocabularies with taxonomies--available on subscription databases. For RU539

By Joyce Valenza Steps: 9 Views: 3168

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