EdGeeks | Bridging The Gap Between Home And School
Educational Tools And Resources For Families

This playlist compiles resources including tools, websites and articles that can help parents support their children at home. Teachers and families must share the responsibility of teaching children. Parents can do this ...

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Top 15 Hot Tips For Finals
Last Minute Study Tips For Finals

Finals are here ! Here are some tips and tools to help you study better and get the grade you want!

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Bullying In U.S. Schools

This playlist is designed to provide key information and resources related to the critical issue of bullying in today's schools.

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Homeless With Homework
Homelessness And Education In The U.S.

This playlist explores the impact that rising homelessness for school-age children has on education in schools across the U.S..

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SEDL Learning Center | What Do We Mean By Family & Community Connections With Schools?
Parent/Family/Community Involvement In Schools

This playlist is designed to provide information and resources related to promoting parent/family/community involvement in schools.

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Faites Grandir La Tour Eiffel !

The City of Lights: Discover the treasures of Paris! This playlist includes popular sites to visit

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Cake Decorating Course 1 (Decorating Basic)

Course 1 you will learn the fundamental of how to make buttercream icing, what trick you can do to prevent the cake from looking like a hill, as well as, to learn how preparing a featherweight bag with a coupler and fill...

By Molly Loch Steps: 1 Views: 1393

French Cuisine

All about French food

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Facts About Judaism
Online Gallery Walk

This is a brief playlist about some of the worlds major religions.

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Learning French

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