Facts About Judaism
Online Gallery Walk

This is a brief playlist about some of the worlds major religions.

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What Does Free Speech Mean?
Some Of The Freedoms Of The 1st Amendment

This is an educational playlist about the freedoms of religion as well as the freedom of speech

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300.000.000 Di Topi + 2
Carnevale In Italia

È Carnevale-- ogni scherzo vale! Carnival in Italy is a time of fun and community before the beginning of Lent, a period of reflection and cleansing. This playlist introduces you to a variety of cities in which Carneva...

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YouTube - Korean Shaman Ritual: Mudang-Kut.mpg
Social Reproduction: Ritual & Religion

Shamans, Bodies, and Sex: Misreading a Korean Ritual.

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An Introduction To Korean Shamanism
Shamans, Bodies, And Sex: Misreading A Korean Ritual

This playlist is intended for further research and background information on the themes and culture surrounding the article of the same name written by Laurel Kendall.

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The Tortoise And The Hare (Disney 1934)
Myth And Mythology

Learn the technical definition of myth, and a working typology for classifying various myths. Describe major theories of myth and their functions in religious studies.

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Mijikenda – FREE Mijikenda Information | Find Mijikenda Research
The Giriama Tribe Of Kenya

In the village of Giriama, Kenya it is tradition for women to engage in song and dance regarding sexual intercourse during the burial process. This culture believes that these rituals performed at a funeral provide a dis...

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Sociology Of Religion

How does religion look through the lens of sociology? Peter Berger,

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Judaism - ReligionFacts
Study Of Jewish Culture And Activism

This playlist is comprised of information regarding the practices of the Jewish culture and the important social movements related to this culture.

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Why Do People Believe In Religion | Why Do
Answer My Question

Why is religion important to people?

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