Future Evolution (by Peter Ward)

What is important in the Internet about Monsters?

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Create Your Own Comic Strips - Bitstrips
Creative Learning: Using Comic Strips

Your learning for this course can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, ways that are based on your own individual interests, learning styles, and preferences. This playlist is organized to help you explore the format of...

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What Is PBL? | Project Based Learning | BIE
PBL Resources

Although my journey with PBL began about 3 years ago, my attendance at PBL World 2013 in Napa Valley really solidified things for me. Here are some reasons to do PBL and some resources to get you started!

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Android Application Project Centers In Chennai | Android Application Projects In Chennai
Android Application Projects In Chennai

Final year project centers are best in android application, In chennai Technology are developed through android application. All student can get there projects with free android training .

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The Lightbulb

Social Studies Mini-Project

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Project Based Learning: Explained.
Project Based Learning: An Introduction

Through PBL students gain knowledge and skills by investigating and responding to a complex question, problem, or challenge. This is a playlist of resources for the participants of the PBL an introduction workshop at ...

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