Barack Obama Quick Timeline
The Rise And Presidency Of Barack Obama

From Community Organizer to Senator from Illinois to President of the United States, Barack Obama's

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Presidential Minute With George Washington
Presidential Minute Series

Covering the lives of every President from 1789 to 2012 is no easy task, especially when you only have a minute to tell each story! This series will not only touch on each President's role in office, but highlight fun ...

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Abraham Lincoln - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A Little History

A mix of historical figures

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Paul Chehade A Different Better Path.
Paul Chehade A Different Better Path.

1888 PressRelease - The divisions in the existing political parties are leading to a government deadlock, which can only be broken by a candidate from outside the establishment. Paul Chehade.

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Who Is The President?
Who Is The President?

Objective: Students will know the Constitutional requirements of the president. Objective: Students will understand the presidential line of succession. Objective: Students will understand the sources of presidenti...

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New Audio Book Parodies "Letters" To President Obama

1888 Press Release - New Humor Book Shares Strange, Odd & Bizarre Letters to President Obama from Everyday Citizens & Celebrities. 60 AUDIO "Letters" including those from Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Kim Jong-un, Steven...

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