World Population
Population Density

Population density affects transportation, housing, land use and health.

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Major Themes In Environmental Science
Key Themes In Environmental Sciences

Key Themes in Environmental Sciences

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What Is Science?
Critical Thinking About The Environment

Critical Thinking about the Environment

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Systems And Feedback
Systems Of Change

Systems of Change

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Time Capsules With A Difference
Climate Change

Find out about the impact of climate change, watch some videos, find statistics and graphs, hear how population growth is related.

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All About Brazil
People Of Brazil

In this Lesson Path, all the information posted is regarding the South American country Brazil. Going forth in articles that circle around it's population, their culture, their history, news, etc.

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Guns Germs & Steel: Variables. Smallpox | PBS
Demographic-Treatment Of Natives Mexico

Sources for Demographic - Treatment of Natives in Mexico.

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Population Pyramid
Population Growth

Why is understanding population growth important. What will the population of the world be in 2050? How has China's one child policy affected population? Find out answers to these questions and more by looking at these s...

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