Ohm's Law
AQA P2.3 Current-Voltage Graphs

A lesson about the relationship between current and voltage for an ohmic resistor and several non-ohmic resistors.

By Sky Underwood Jones Steps: 9 Views: 11765

Para Começar...
Movimento Harmônico Simples.

Esta atividade visa auxiliar os estudantes na compreensão das ciências naturais e as tecnologias a elas associadas como construções humanas. Além disso, é importante reconhecer as características ou propriedades d...

By Samara Brito Steps: 6 Views: 7580

Interactive HR Diagram
The Life Of Stars

The life stages of stars, shown through a series of NASA APOD images.

By Kristen Casalenuovo Steps: 15 Views: 9849

Spin-Orbit Coupling
The Real Hydrogen Atom

The Real Hydrogen Atom

By Gooru Learning Steps: 3 Views: 843

The Science Of Food: Ice Cream!
Chemistry & Physics Of Cooking - Intro/History Of Cooking

Learn how cooking is a science that brings all the other sciences together. From chemistry to anthropology to physics to sociology.

By Ariel Margolis Steps: 13 Views: 8518

Identical Particles
Many Particle Systems

Many Particle Systems

By Gooru Learning Steps: 2 Views: 687

Collision Cross Section
Collision Theory

Collision Theory

By Gooru Learning Steps: 4 Views: 1986

Double-Slit Experiment
Entanglement And Its Implications

Entanglement and Its Implications

By Gooru Learning Steps: 3 Views: 1610

Espelhos Esféricos
Espelhos Esféricos

Estudo sobre os espelhos esféricos

By Jair Ribeiro Steps: 8 Views: 5929

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