Sexy Strings

Sometimes string theory seems like it might be impossible to understand... but it's not! Anyone can understand the basics..

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Schrodingers Cat
Quantum Mechanics, For Everyone.

This Learning Playlist introduces Quantum Mechanics at an entry level, with a short overview to begin, followed by more detailed supplementary information.

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Bill Nye The Science Guy On Static Electricity (Full Clip)
Static Electricity

a few interesting things about static electricity

By Michael Sirowich Steps: 3 Views: 5335

Work, Energy, And Power - Table Of Contents
Work And Energy

Work and Energy concepts in physics

By Michael Sirowich Steps: 2 Views: 1800

Evidence Mounting For Planet X

Resources for our Space discussion

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Gallery Of Arvind Gupta's Fun Science Toys Hosted By
DC Motors

How the interaction between charge in motion and magnetic fields allows the construction of DC motors.

By Micah Sittig Steps: 2 Views: 7823

Electrical Safety
AQA P2.4 Fuses And Circuit Breakers

You can use this playlist to help you create a poster comparing fuses and circuit breakers as safety devices.

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63-GEORGE Of The
63-GEORGE Of The "FLIPPED" Jungle

“WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE”! We will explore the beauty of flipped classroom jungle, sharing challenges faced and successes found by high school teachers along the path. Our journey will swing by video assessment, stu...

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Ohm's Law
AQA P2.3 Current-Voltage Graphs

A lesson about the relationship between current and voltage for an ohmic resistor and several non-ohmic resistors.

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Newton's Laws

A look at Newton's Laws; the building blocks of physics as we knows. A great place to start for beginners physics.

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