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DE Stuff

DE stuff

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OCW Consortium - Courses
Intro To Open Courseware

Classes from major colleges and universities available online and free. Discover open learning!

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Lang-8 - Multi-lingual Language Learning And Language Exchange Lang-8

What is currently available online

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Five Reasons People Don't Tell What They Know
Knowledge Building

A playlist of literature explaining the research into knowledge building.

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Best Practices For Teaching Online
Best Bractices For Online Teaching And Learning

Here are ten best practices for anyone just getting started in the online environment. Research and experience suggest that these practices contribute to an effective, efficient and satisfying teaching and learning exper...

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Daphne Koller: What We're Learning From Online Education | Video On
Online Learning

A playlist discussing advantages and disadvantages of online learning.

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Cooperative Learning: Best Practices | CRLT
Setting Up A Group

Research based on whether the teacher or students should select their group members.

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540 Free Online Courses From Top Universities | Open Culture
Online Classes

Online Classes

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YouTube - Valence Bond Theory - Part 1 | VBT Animation Video | Hybridization Lecture And Hybridization
Chemistry Tutorials For Secondary & Higher Secondary Science

Chemistry Tutorials for Secondary & Higher Secondary Science Hydrocarbons Crystal Field Theory /Crystal Field Splitting Theory Valence Bond Theory Hybridization Lecture

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YouTube - Plastid | Plants Cartoon Video | Biology Lecture Animation Video For Educational Zombies
Plants : Biology Teaching Resources

Know about Plant Cell Structure and Function with Plant Parts Animation Video. Plastids are large cytoplasmic organelles found in the cells of most plants, but they are not found not in animal cells. Know about Plant Cel...

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