Musical Instruments

Buying An Electric Guitar
Playing The Guitar

Learn the beginning steps of how to play a guitar all the way to playing a well known chart topping song. Remember to take your time through each step for muscle memory. Enjoy!!

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YouTube - Beginner Drum Lessons : Drum Stick Grips
Learn To Play Drums

Learn how to play drums!

By 2 editors Steps: 10 Views: 27486

Parts Of An Acoustic Guitar
Guitar For Beginners

Need to know the basics of guitar playing? Check it out here in this beginner, BEGINNER guitar playlist.

By 4 editors Steps: 8 Views: 28304

How To Tune A Guitar
Electric Guitar Setup

Find out how to set up your electric guitar here.

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Be Playing In Under 10 Minutes
How To Play The Piano

Learn how to play piano with this playlist!

By Adam Croft Steps: 10 Views: 21722

Intro To Playing Scales
Piano Chords And Scales

Learn all about piano chords and scales!

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Beginning Trumpet Information
Trumpet For A Beginner

The basics of trumpet playing are here in this step by step Learning Playlist.

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How To Play A Melody From Reading Piano Sheet Music
Sight Reading Music

This playlist will teach you how to sight read music so that you can play on the fly!

By Adam Croft Steps: 6 Views: 9244

How To Play The Major Scale
Scales For Guitar

Learn the guitar scales in this learning playlist.

By 5 editors Steps: 6 Views: 5402

Imagine Piano Tutorial John Lennon (Beatles)
Songs To Play On The Piano

Here are several songs that will help you keep learning piano!

By Krystal Marquez Steps: 9 Views: 10559

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