New York Philharmonic
Learning Music For LS Music

A collection of videos and files for my lower school students to learn about a wonderful world of music.

By Yoon Soo Lim Steps: 54 Views: 60412

IPad Music Education Apps
Clifford's Music Education Resources

Check out this list of Resources specific to Music Education!

By Kelly Clifford Steps: 21 Views: 10573

Music Technology With Mrs. Clifford

Digital Resources for Music Educators!

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YouTube -
White Christmas

Versions White Christmas

By Adelaida Ibañez Steps: 5 Views: 2093

Online Audio Recording
Audio Recording Online

By Stephen Wilcox Steps: 6 Views: 4806

Music Explorer. ($99 Monthly)
Community Low Cost Music Lessons For Kids $99 Monthly

Helping Low-Income Families in Miami

By World Music By Americo Ba... Steps: 3 Views: 428

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