46-Puttin' The Parts Together
46-Puttin' The Parts Together

Puzzled about how to make the Flip work with Asynchronous / Mastery Learning in a Standards-Based Grade (SBG) environment at the elementary level? All of these pieces can and do fit together...come find out how.

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Jon Bergmann
S2-Th-F-Jon Bergmann-Beyond The Flipped Class:Mastery Method

Moving from flipped to mastery learning.

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Here is a Google Site that I have created of Flipped-Mastery Learning Resources. This site includes general information about the flipped classroom, mastery learning, creating the flipped learning environment, organizin...

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FlipCon15-Flipping Art History+ICT's In K-12
FlipCon15-Flipping Art History+ICTs In K-12-Manuel Trenchs

High school students learn art history, and using several methologies (in groups, peer to peer, oral discussions, ... mastery learning, peer instruction)

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Flipping For Mastery: Your Questions Answered
FlipCon15-Flipping For Mastery: Your Questions Answered-Avon

New to Flipping? What questions have you always wanted answered? In this session, you will hear a brief summary of the 3 year journey that Nicole Avon, High School Physics Teacher, has taken to “flip” the learning in...

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Mastery Learning 1-0-Fun-Corey Sullivan & Michael Brust
FlipCon15-Mastery Learning 1-0-Fun-Corey Sullivan& Michael Brust

“How do I begin using flipped-mastery in my classroom? I don’t know where to start!” Would you like to have your students actually master content before moving to the next lesson? Come listen to four entertaining a...

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Who Wouldn't Want To Clone Themselves?:A Case For No Homework In The Flipped Classroom-Fouch,Morris, Thomasson
FlipCon15-Who Wouldn't Want To Clone Themselves?:No Homework

"The first question we get asked is always “How can you flip without homework?” This session answers that question: we use video to make instruction asynchronous, and available 24/7. We then use class time to do the ...

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