How To Make An Educational Screencast (Mac)
Apps For An 'Outstanding' Ipad Lesson.

Applications used, in order, to enhance learning in a single lesson

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TED Conferences
Educational Conferences And Webinars You Shouldn't Miss

Professional Development is a slippery slope. If it is not meaningful, appropriate and engaging, it can be counter productive. Here are some conferences and webinars that will keep you on your toes, or at the very least....

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The Official IPad 3 Introduction Video
IPad - Tips And Tricks

From your first contact to expert use with the iPad. Including a section for teachers

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A Call To Action: Join The Pro-Learning Movement | EdGeeks
Standardized Testing And The "Opt Out" Movement

There is a lot of buzz surrounding standardized testing this year and it's about time! We have been hearing from teachers for years that test prep takes time away from authentic learning. Suddenly parents and administrat...

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Solo Taxonomy
SOLO Taxonomy Explained

SOLO explained for educators with teaching examples

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Edmodo | Secure Social Learning Network For Teachers And Students
Top 5 IPad Apps For The Classroom

The top 5 apps tried and tested in secondary school.

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IPad Lesson Workflows Via ELearning Laura
Education Workflow On IPad

There are lots of ways to use an iPad to support learning. One of the best ways is to not just use on app, but use them collectively and in conjunction with one another

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Education Is Failing The Future-makers
Future Skills Learning I

The future society and economy requires new skills, not provided by present educational systems. This playlist is a collection of reading as an introduction to the subject. Further playlists will present more readings an...

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Instructional Design
Instructional Design And Technology

Instructional Designers, Course Developers, Educators: let's share ideas!

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World's Most Beautiful Marriage Proposal
Wedding Proposing

The Wedding proposing default playlist

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