Integrating Technology In The Language Arts Classroom
Integrating Technology In The Language Arts Classroom

This playlist offers many ways to integrate technology into the language arts classroom. Google apps for education and web 2.0 tools help engage and excite students.

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Let's Dance! Interactive Literacy Center Activity

This playlist documents and shares a unique "learn-to-dance" lesson that requires students to use a range of interdisciplinary skills, from language arts, to following directions, to using math and technology -- and of c...

By Vickie Casanova Willis Steps: 8 Views: 3348

Figurative Language
Figurative Language

Students will be able to define figurative language and how it can improve their writing. Student will be able to recognized figurative language devices and understand how to compose two on their own. Subject: Language...

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Paper Bag Book Report
Victory On The Homefront

Lessons and Links for Victory's Unit plan

By Leslie Guizzetti Steps: 3 Views: 1608


Lessons will focus on basic grammar skills.

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Language K-5

This playlist contains language songs and videos for K-5 classrooms.

By Kate Bailin Steps: 37 Views: 34600

Grammar Basics 2 - 6

Grammar media for Elementary classrooms.

By Jennifer Simon Steps: 19 Views: 23680

Web 2.0 Tools For Teaching Literary Elements

A Playlist for K-12 English Language Arts teachers of web 2.0 tools which support the teaching of literary elements

By Ary Aranguiz Steps: 2 Views: 1055

Apostrophe Review

There are three uses for the apostrophe.

By Mary Kate Newton Steps: 6 Views: 5080

Glogster EDU - 21st Century Multimedia Tool For Educators, Teachers And Students | Text, Images, Music And Video
ELAR TechTivities

Language Arts websites for projects

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