Posable Reindeer
Simple, Fun Winter Crafts

Fun, inexpensive ways to have fun when the kiddies are home from school for the holidays.

By Charles Perry Steps: 6 Views: 7851

Christmas Worksheets For Children
Top 10 Kids Crafts For 2011

Need some time tested activities for a rainy day? Look no further!

By Charles Perry Steps: 10 Views: 7878

Five Rules For Parents
Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching your kids to be money smart can be hard! Here are helpful suggestions and tips to help you teach your little ones about being smart with money

By Krystal Marquez Steps: 6 Views: 4289

The First Year Of Child Development
Child Development 101

This playlist will highlight some of the major aspects of child development, from birth through adolescence, in the following areas: physical/motor skills, language/cognition, and socialization/sense of self. This Learn...

By Jimmy Tsioles Steps: 5 Views: 3504

The Sun Dance Kids Yoga/Music Video By Bari Koral Family Rock Band
Yoga For Kids

A collection of fun yoga for my 2 and 4 year olds. They love yoga, but I hate them on youtube :) Please add to this if you know of any others that I missed.

By Jeanette Stein Steps: 11 Views: 7470

Kids With ADHD Do Well With Chiropractic Care
Improve Child ADHD

You can naturally improve your child's ADHD symptoms through diet, meditation exercises and chiropractic adjustments. These are natural ways to treat ADHD. This playlist is provided by the Wellness Source located in Glen...

By The Wellness Source Steps: 5 Views: 2877

Chiropractic Care For Kids
The Wellness Srouce - Child Adjustment Benefits

Kids can benefit greatly from getting Chripractic adjustments. This playlist is provided by The Wellness Source located in Glenview, IL. Please visit our website to learn more:

By The Wellness Source Steps: 8 Views: 4116

Adding Two Or More Small Numbers
Maths is on a mission to shake up education by making learning engaging, efficient, and fun for students. a rich source of audio-visual sequences selected to work with the curriculum to deliver a specific learn...

By AllO Ostaz Steps: 5 Views: 3934

SHABBAT: Every 7 Days We
The Learning Shuk: Shabbat

Every 7 Days We "rest" For 25 Hours. "I've Heard Of Recess, But This Is Ridiculous!"* Or Is It? (*Bar Mitzvah Boy Jacob - SNL)

By The Learning Shuk Steps: 27 Views: 10528

YouTube - Street Compliments?
Videos For Moms

videos to inspire, reassure, and make moms smile, laugh, and maybe even cry

By Melissa Palecek Steps: 3 Views: 2449

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