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Transmedia-Examples Of Branded Content

What is transmedia, crossmedia, narratology, cross-platform or multi-platform storytelling? This playlist is still in progress and I'll be compiling another playlist to talk about each term. For now, here are some stell...

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Thimble For Journalists Hacktivity Kit
Thimble For Journalists Hacktivity Kit

Introduce journalists to code. Learners get familiar with code that they might see in their news organization's content management system. Then they create their own online prototypes and experiments.

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Unit 3: Journalism

Students will be learning how to write various news articles (hard news and feature articles). Students will learn about writing strong leads, using specific verbs, 3 types of story structure (inverted pyramid, Martini,...

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CONDEMNED - Mental Health In African Countries In Crisis

This is a list of organizations that both nurture mental health as well as human rights crisis in some of the most destitute areas of the world.

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