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What it truly means to give tzedakah to meaningful organizations

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YOM KIPPUR: Happy, Solemn, Serious, Scary, Hopeful.... Explore This Most Holy Day From Many Different Angles.
The Learning Shuk: Yom Kippur

Happy, solemn, serious, scary, hopeful.... explore this most Holy day from many different angles.

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TU B'SHEVAT: The “new Year” For Trees? Jewish Earth Day? Another Seder That Does Not Involve Matzah?
The Learning Shuk: Tu B'Shevat

The “new year” for trees? Jewish Earth Day? Another Seder that does not involve matzah?

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SHABBAT: Every 7 Days We
The Learning Shuk: Shabbat

Every 7 Days We "rest" For 25 Hours. "I've Heard Of Recess, But This Is Ridiculous!"* Or Is It? (*Bar Mitzvah Boy Jacob - SNL)

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The Learning Shuk: Rosh Hashana

The "head of the year"... What does this all mean exactly?

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Month Of ELUL: Prepare, Introspect, Delve
The Learning Shuk: Month Of Elul - Prepare, Introspect, Delve

The month prior to Rosh Hashana - Elul - is a month of introspection. Dive into this playlist and begin preparing for the upcoming High Holy Days.

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ROSH HASHANAH: Songs & Videos - Dance, Sing And Learn Your Way Through Videos & Music!
The Learning Shuk: Rosh Hashanah Songs And Videos

Dance, sing and learn your way through videos & music!

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Raising A Digital Mensch: This SPECIAL Playlist Was Created To Support Families With Resources As They Raise Digital Mensches.
The Learning Shuk: Raising A Digital Mensch

This SPECIAL Playlist was created to support families with resources as they raise Digital Mensches - An Offline Workshop Co-sponsored by The Learning Shuk, the Women’s Jewish Learning Center, The Deutsch Family Shalom...

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Judaism - ReligionFacts
Study Of Jewish Culture And Activism

This playlist is comprised of information regarding the practices of the Jewish culture and the important social movements related to this culture.

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ISRAEL: A State, A Land, Our Past, Our Present, Our Future. So Big Yet So Little...
The Learning Shuk: ISRAEL

A state, a land, our past, our present, our future. So big yet so little...

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