76-Tapping Those Apps... Making It Hip (and Easier) To Flip
76-Tapping Those Apps... Making It Hip (and Easier) To Flip

Come see how Doceri and ExplainEverything can be used to help you flip your classroom through the use of an iPad. Presenters will discuss pros/cons and show sample work. Time permitting, attendees will create their own ...

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App Store - IBooks
How To Be An IPad Learner- Playlist 1

Seems that many schools are bringing in iPads and integrating them into the curriculum, but even more schools are NOT doing that just yet. I don't think students should wait until the school decides to hand them out. I...

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Learning And Teaching With IPads: Developing IPad Learning Workflows For Best Learning Outcomes
IPad Pedagogy

Developing a pedagogy for effective integration of the iPad in learning

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Unstuck Your Brain
My Principal Gave Me An IPad Cart - HELP!

Being a first time iPad classroom user can be daunting, scary, exciting but sometimes you just don't know where to start!

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Small Group IPads
Senior Kindergarten


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