You Quote It! You Note It!
Cite Right!

Tools and information to help you cite your sources of information.

By Donna Baumbach Steps: 7 Views: 10343

YouTube - Information Transliteracy In The 21st Centuy Classroom
Information Transliteracy Introductory Film Festival!

This playlist will get you familiar with vocabulary, concepts, models, and thinkers in the information and transliteracy landscape!

By Joyce Valenza Steps: 17 Views: 11589

Dakota E-Catalog
Media Center

Media Center

By Joseph Morrow Steps: 6 Views: 1952

The Information Cycle
Capstone Practicum

Thinking about research for your capstone.

By Kristofer Scheid Steps: 5 Views: 2125

Playlist Introduction
Evaluating Sources

Learn how to recognize a "good" information source and how to avoid the bad, the worse, and the worst sources of misinformation!

By Greta Flinn Steps: 20 Views: 16006

NoodleTools : NoodleQuest
Alternatives To Google

Google is not necessarily the best place to search for information. There are other search engines which may be more suitable.

By 2 editors Steps: 10 Views: 6025

Plagiarism Proofing Strategies
Information Literacy Instruction

Resources to use when designing instructional units on research for the middle grades.

By Heidi Roycroft Steps: 1 Views: 551

Inquiry Based Teaching: Reasons To Use Inquiry Based Teaching
What Is The Inquiry Model?

These resources explain what Barbara Stripling's Inquiry Model is.

By Maureen Schlosser Steps: 5 Views: 2698

Search Engine Searching

There are many search engines besides Google, and it's worth trying some of them out. Each has its advantages and will serve particular needs. So, depending on who you are and what you need, you may find that using one...

By Christine Bushong Steps: 0 Views: 0

Sweet Search
Tools For Everyday Research

Searching for information and making sense of it is a process that involves critical thinking and it is an important skill. Fortunately, there are many free digital tools available to help students efficiently sift throu...

By Julie McNamara Steps: 6 Views: 2312

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