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Useful resources for the English classroom

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Tools For Learners By Nik Peachey
Web 2.0 Tools

This is a collection of the best the web has to offer in web 2.0 tools

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Blended-classrooms - The Flipped Classroom
Blended Learning And Teaching

A series of examples of good practices

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Five Best Practices For The Flipped Classroom

The best practices

By Guy Vandenbroucke Steps: 1 Views: 977

Microsoft Warns Schools Of IT Gap
ICT Changes Headlines

These are a collection of articles about the criticism of the ICT curriculum in the UK

By Chris Allan Steps: 25 Views: 12102

Evolution Of Tools
Stepping Stones Of ICTin Education

about the use of ICT in education

By Viljenka Savli Steps: 11 Views: 4818

Basic Script Writing
Basics Of Video And Photography

This playlist includes some great resources for you to learn the basics of filmmaking and photography. If you want to make good quality videos and photos, what are you waiting for?

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ICT Collaboration Tools For School Leaders

Here are some ideas for School Leaders on how to work with other people.

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History ICT Tools

Here are some ideas for History teachers to integrate ICT into the new curriculum.

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Comic Life Tutorial
ICT Year 7 And 8

Here you will find some ideas for apps and websites that could help you with your learning

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