Hall Davidson
S1-Th-Hall Davidson-Making Mobile Media Meaningful

Learn how to send images/videos/audio to common, free "channels" to support classrooms, projects, or entire schools.

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Wes Fryer
K-Th-Wes Fryer-Mapping Media To Curriculum/Common Core

Keynote - ICE Conference 2013 Author of "Speed of Creativity" website. Keynote presentation at ICE Conference in St. Charles, Illinois Thursday, Feb 28, 2013.

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Pam Allyn
S1-F-Pam Allyn- Be Core Ready:Using The 4 Doors

Be Core Ready: Using the Four Doors to the Common Core State Standards to Transform the Way We Teach Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

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Diana Laufenberg
S1-Th-Diana Laufenberg-Learning Visually

Explore the vast range of resources and create some infographics or visualizations.

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Scott McLeod
K-Th-Scott McLeod Designing For Our New Ecosystem

Keynote Luncheon and Panel

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Pam Allyn
K-F-Pam Allyn- Creating A Worldwide Literacy Community

We must begin to create a worldwide literacy community that is based on principles of trust, kindness, and citizenship.

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Luis Perez - Spotlight Sessions
Th-S2-Luis Perez-Books That Work For Everyone: IBooks Author-

Th-S2-Luis Perez-Books That Work for Everyone: iBooks Author as a Platform for Inclusive Design

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Hall Davidson
K-W-Hall Davidson-Unforeseen Bonus Of Digital:Book=Backpack

Going digital has an amazing unintended consequence for learning. New digital ‘techbooks’ arrive on iPads (and others) with cloud-based media DNA: fluid, differentiated, embedded and rich as the world wide web.

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Luis Perez - Spotlight Sessions
Th-S1-Luis Perez-nABLEing All Learners:Apps As Transformational - Copy

Th-S1-Luis Perez-nABLEing All Learners:Apps as Transformational Technology

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