What Is A Social Justice Issue?
Social Justice Issues: HIV/AIDS

This playlist talks about the HIV/AIDS epidemic throughout the world

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Task: Human Rights
The Rights And Responsibilities Of Citizens

What are the rights and duties of citizens and the responsibilities of government?

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CONDEMNED - Mental Health In African Countries In Crisis

This is a list of organizations that both nurture mental health as well as human rights crisis in some of the most destitute areas of the world.

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Complete Non-Muslim Rights Under Muslim Sharia | Muslim Sharia Law
Non-Muslim Rights

Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) said: “One who hurts a Non-Muslim, he hurts me and one who hurts me, hurts God.” (Hadith)

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What Is Islamic Sharia Law? | Muslim Sharia
What Is Islamic Sharia Law

The legal framework that defines and regulates various matters related to the personal and professional life of Muslims is known as Islamic Sharia Law.

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The True Spirit Of Muslim Sharia Faith And Law | Muslim Sharia Law
The True Spirit Of Muslim Sharia Faith And Law

Muslim Sharia is based on a set of instructions laid by the Quran and Hadith or Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to become a law. Muslim Sharia or Islamic Law is composed of five main sections: Adab.....

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A Complete Guide To Muslim Sharia Law Explanation | Muslim Sharia Law
Muslim Sharia Law Explanation

The base of a Muslim’s life depends solely on the Islamic law which is called the Sharia. Sharia is the complete code of life. It determines the principles and rules which the Muslims need to practice in order to live ...

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United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Summary: Youth For Human Rights Video
Human Rights

This LessonPath is designed for students who are searching to learn more about human rights. These selected websites will assist the students in filling out their graphic organizer and creating their presentation on thei...

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