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Boy In Striped Pyjamas Film Study

In this playlist you will learn about the background of the Holocaust and Hitler's influence on Germany between 1927 - 1943.

By Georgi De Stigter Steps: 23 Views: 21593

The History Place - Rise Of Hitler: Hitler Named Chancellor Of Germany
Hitler's Consolidation Of Power

From manipulating his way to the chancellorship to setting up a totalitarian regime.

By Jamie Paganoni Steps: 7 Views: 3647

Antisemitism In Nazi Germany

The persecution of the Jews by Nazi Germany.

By Helen Stower Steps: 3 Views: 1879

The Hitler Youth
The Hitler Youth

The Youth movements established in Nazi Germany to generate support for the National Socialists.

By Helen Stower Steps: 3 Views: 3512

Hilter's Versailles Speech, 1923
Modern U.S. History :: The Interwar Years

This playlist examines the years following WWII and the events that set the stage for yet another world conflict.

By Ben Stinson Steps: 65 Views: 23248

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